Evan Almighty is Mighty Good!

Last night I had the opportunity to view the new movie Evan Almighty with my wife Katie, and two of my three daughters. I was a big fan of Bruce Almighty, having been tipped off to the faith of the director, Tom Shadyac (here’s a link to more info: http://www.answers.com/Tom%20Shadyac).

I saw an interview about Bruce Almighty and was impressed with the message Shadyac tried to communicate to the viewers, and couldn’t wait to see how much better this new movie in the “Almighty” series would be. Shadyac said all the right things about the need for people to be able to see God in the proper light and realize the need to pursue a relationship with Him.

I believe this will be a very popular movie across the country, which opens on Friday, June 22 and your kids will probably want to see this film. That’s why I wanted to give you my impressions of the movie.

So, as we settled into our seats I was excited and nervous at the same time. Excited about what I believed I would see on the big screen, but nervous that there might be something that I wouldn’t want my kids to see or that would be disappointing on the spiritual level. I feared that Evan Almighty would draw back from presenting God in the positive, and mostly accurate way that Bruce Almighty presented Him. For your information, the movie is rated PG for mild rude humour and mild peril.

I am happy to report that my fears were unfounded! Evan Almighty goes even further to show the desire of God to have a relationship with His most prized creation (that’s you and me) and His desire to help people find their way to Him in faith. Don’t be mistaken; you won’t hear anything specific about Jesus or the Second Coming, but this movie presents the character and creativity of God in a beautiful and family-funny way.

The movie is a comedy, but it’s not just another funny movie. I was moved several times by the way that Morgan Freeman portrayed the character and grace of God. The way the Lord (Freeman) lovingly took the main character Evan Baxter (played by Steve Carrell) under His wing after crushing his resistance to doing what God was telling him to do was great. It will remind many people of their own life’s story of being at a point where you have to choose to follow God’s way, even when it doesn’t make sense or continue to, well, wimp out, and go your own way. The movie paints an absolutely incredible and accurate modern version of what I believe it would be like to be chosen to build an ark in today’s society.

I always hesitate to recommend media to people, and even more so to families, but this is a movie that I think every single family could feel good about viewing with their kids, whether in the theater or later when the movie comes out on DVD. The only two moments of the movie (that I can recall) that would cause parents concern are when Evan Baxter uses a slang word to indicate his level of anger. I’m not using it here, I figure everyone is capable of figuring that one out.

The one other moment comes from the youngest son of Evan Baxter, who is a serious animal lover. In fact, he loves and studies animals to the point of knowing all manner of knowledge about them, including the correct anatomical terms, which he uses at one point while talking with his dad and brothers. These instances are inappropriate for sure, but they do not make this movie out of bounds for your family, especially if you know about them upfront and can preface the movie by reminding your kids that sometimes people say things they shouldn’t say, especially people who don’t have Jesus living in their heart.

You can expect to hear about media that you should protect your kids from, especially things that you might not know to protect them from. This is one case when I want to recommend this movie as a good family choice for you to do together.


3 thoughts on “Evan Almighty is Mighty Good!

  1. I have to say “ditto” to what Steve said. The movie provided surprising amounts of discussion starters for our family–the kind we don’t usually get from the big screen! Check it out!

  2. i enjoyed the movie for the most part. i thought the dialog was a little cheesy for me, but what can you expect from a family movie? i’d take my kids to see it, if i had a wife and kids that is.

  3. Thanks for your writeup on Evan Almighty. Although I was not quite as impressed as you were by the movie, I found it thought provoking. In particular as Morgan Freeman as God seemed to violate Evan’s free will to get him to cooperate with the plan it made me think about the implications of that kind of intervention. If you’re interested in reading more about my take on the movie, you might check out my blog.


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