Join The Army!


No, not the US Army, the army of people who are lining up, getting equipped and sent into the battle for kid’s hearts and minds here at TDF! As a parent, your job at home is clearly defined in Deuteronomy 6 and in many other passages in the Bible, but we often don’t mention the fact that God can and wants to use you to influence kids other than your own. Consider serving with the children’s ministry at TDF, in much the same way as you would consider coaching your son or daughter’s sports team. Get involved with the greatest set of volunteer leaders anywhere in the universe by joining the children’s ministry team. Help kids make their way through the adventure of life.


One thought on “Join The Army!

  1. I know that the volunteer team meets needs, but I have to say that God has used my opportunities to serve our preschoolers to teach me many things. I come away feeling as though I have learned something great–not that I made it safely through another hour! THe Lord is working in these little lives and they are making a difference for HIM. I know because it’s happening to me!

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