Ready or Not, It’s Here

I can still remember vividly how long our summer breaks used to be when I was a kid.  We would be out of school by May 20-25 every year and wouldn’t return back to school until mid September.  My senior year my friends and I had a fit because we had to start the Monday after Labor Day, thus being robbed of 10 days of summer.  As of today, August 2, Wilson County Schools have started again with their first full day being tomorrow and Metro Nashville Public Schools all begin in just a few more days.  As a parent, I have always enjoyed the summer breaks because I get to be around the girls more often and we do more fun stuff since we can afford to let them stay up later.   The end of summer is always exciting, because of new teachers, friends and such, but a little sobering too, because it reminds me of how quickly they’re all growing up.

I wanted to encourage you as a parent to make the most of this new school year.  Leave good intentions behind and with the start of the new school year, make this time of change include the spiritual development of your sons and daughters.   A good parent should pay close attention to the things going on at school, check assignments, maintain communication with the teacher, but we should pay even closer attention to our kid’s spiritual lives.

Look for ways to help their faith grow.  I know that the busyness of life at the beginning of the school year is crazy, but we can’t afford to let their spiritual education falter or die while we make sure that they learn their ABCs or the times tables.  Ready or not, school is starting, but our kids steady growth toward adolescence and adulthood is marching on day by day.  Ready or not, life is happening.


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