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Revolutionary Parenting Cover

A great little book is currently available from one of today’s most relevant and plugged in authors, George Barna.  It’s entitled Revolutionary Parenting. I’ve been a big fan of research since my days as a phone survey taker back in the day with Perdue Research Associates. Research and statistics about family and parenting are my favorite research areas currently and George Barna is the number one source for accurate, well conceived studies done from a Christian worldview.

This little 150 page book is all about the research done to determine what factors were in place in the lives of kids who have grown into what Barna refers to as spiritual champions. The main idea of the book is that if we want our kids to be spiritual champions, parents have to make the commitment to be Revolutionary Parents! The culture we live in rewards just going with the flow and a community child rearing model, but if we go with the flow, our kids will struggle to find good spiritual health their entire childhood.  We must be different if we’re going to train our kids properly and we’ve got to be okay with being “different”  If “normal” is messed up and “different” can make the difference, I want to be different.  How ’bout you?

The vision of parenting in a revolutionary way is what iParent is all about. If you are interested in knowing what it takes to be a Revolutionary Parent, then you need to get this book!


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