Are Your Kids Okay?

Revolutionary Parenting Cover

When I write that question, I mean for you to answer the question internally about each of your children. In the iParent audio file I sent today, I discussed what’s wrong with your kids being just okay. In one sense, okay is a good thing. If they are decent students, good citizens and not engaging in harmful, illegal, or potentially dangerous activities, most people would readily answer that there kids are indeed, okay. In another sense, the spiritual sense, being just okay can be very much not okay. The problem with okay is that today, many parents look at their kids and compare them to the examples they see in the world around us, and have a false belief that their kids are okay, simply because they’re not as bad as those other kids they see.

God doesn’t want your kids just to be okay. He wants us to intentionally and consistently evaluate and train our kids to be AWESOME! God looks at the heart and knows our commitment level to Him. He knows our motives and excuses, even when no one else does. God’s standard is what we should be striving for.

God’s standard is His Word, and our kids should be taught to live out His word unashamedly. God’s ultimate goal is for kids to live transformed lives, not just be kids that are okay. Okay is average, okay is lukewarm, okay is a C, it’s not something to be set as a goal. Unfortunately, most families in America are failing to effectively teach their kids. Take a look at some statistics from my favorite book currently, Revolutionary Parenting about where this failure is occurring in American kids between the ages of eight and twelve:

1. Only 36% of kids surveyed believes that the Bible is accurate in all the principles it teaches
2. Only 19% believe they have a responsibility to share Jesus with their friends
3. Over half of the kids surveyed (56%) believe that Jesus sinned while living on Earth.
4. Only one-third believe strongly that Jesus Christ returned to physical life after the crucifixion

These statistics should alarm us, because they show that kids who are, by the world’s standards, would be okay. I want my daughters to grow up and have a strong faith in the Lord that effects every single part of their life. The only way I can help that grow and the only way you can help that grow in your kid’s lives is to be a revolutionary parent and commit to do the hard work it will take to train them according to the Word of God.


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