New Link To Check Out!

I’ve added a new link to a website that can be very helpful to you and your family as you try to raise your kids and train yourself to think outside the box as a Christian.  In this case, “thinking outside the box” refers to thinking outside of our own homes and schools and Nashville, TN and beginning to see the rest of the world.  We need to view the nightly news from around the world and reflect on how the stories that are reported relate to God and His kingdom.

The link is and is part of the Voice of the Martyrs outreach that helps people be aware of the persecution of Christians around the world.  Kids Of Courage is a great place to visit with your kids to help them read stories about kids and teenagers who live for God in very dangerous places and I believe it will help them develop a prayer habit of intercession for their brothers and sisters in Christ they didn’t know they had around the world.

Show your love for your kids by helping them grow spiritually.  Teaching them to have a heart for the lost and for the persecuted around the world will definitely help them grow closer to God.  Seriously, I know some of you are reading this saying, “I know I need to do that Steve, but I’m trying to get myself right first. I’ve got too many failures to be able to teach my kids.”  You’ve got to stop that!  I’ve been there too, and now I know it’s just a tool of Satan to hammer us into complacency.  Good intentions alone are worthless.  There, I’ve said it.  It takes action to make it happen.  Husbands intend to buy their wife a card or flowers, or to plan a date, but until they do it, it’s worthless.  Speaking of that, I’d just like the world to know I love my wife!  We’re going to a couple’s retreat this weekend with our church, hopefully we’ll see many of you there also!


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