A Hot Tub, Filled With Regret

Steve 1

Before you go thinking this is a rainy day, sob story, designed to make you feel bad or at least melancholy…Read on.

We’ve lived in our present home in beautiful Antioch, TN for 10 years and one month and for the most part we’ve enjoyed our home. At least I have. The house has it’s issues and they’re issues that my lovely wife and best friend, Katie G raised way back when we were looking at the place. I’m not sure what attracted me to this house specifically, but needless to say, I missed the verbal and non-verbal communications that Katie was sending my way and we bought the place.

The most glaring issue, which has come up in conversations many times over the past 10 years was the fact that this house had a den with a hot tub in it. Not too shabby, right? Wrong. This room was converted from being a garage to being a den and it has no windows and no ventilation of any kind, other than an AC vent. Furthermore, the hot tub has to be filled from a garden hose brought from outside through a window or door. I of course looked right past that, thinking at the very least, we could sell this very nice hot tub and do something with the money to handle some of the other issues.

For 9 years I have looked at that hot tub and thought about how to get it out. It’s huge, a six person, top dollar Vita-Spa that had become a terrible reminder of my not listening to my wife. Not until last night, with our house up for sale, did I finally have clarity and peace about how to get the thing out of the house.

In pieces. Lots of pieces. I should have taken a picture of my minivan this morning, because most people have never seen a 8′ x 8′ hot tub inside a minivan.

I took out a great deal of frustration on that thing last night, using my big Fat Max (that’s the name, I’m not being ugly) demo bar and Porter Cable sawzall. I made a huge mess, but when it was all said and done I now have a room in my house without a hot tube that completely turns the den into a great bit of usable space. I picked almost 100 square feet by reclaiming the area.

The biggest question is; why didn’t I do this eight years ago? All along the way, we’ve talked about doing it, needing to do it, how to do it, but NEVER did the job that needed to be done. I regret that I didn’t do it, because our family could have enjoyed that space all this time, but I just didn’t do it.

As of this moment, the lovely $5000 hot tub and custom decking are in a dumpster in about 12 large pieces and 2 garbage bags and my van smells like old water with a touch of chlorine and I find myself thinking about how much this is like many people’s parenting story.

They know what to do to raise their kids, after all they’ve attended church and studied the Bible and heard sermons about parenting and life with Christ. We know what to do, yet we put it off for the emergency of the day, and if we do that long enough, we have 4 year olds who are now 14 year olds and we don’t know how to inspire them to be what God intended for them to be.

Don’t be like me and the hot tub…get the lead out and make the most of every opportunity to be the parent and leader in your family God has commanded you to be.

You can do it! By the way, if anyone needs a hot tub pump in good shape, let me know.


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