The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass is set to be released in theatres worldwide on Friday, December 7th, and there is a great deal of controversy surrounding the release of this film…and for good reason.

One of the most important jobs we do as parents is to help protect our children from negative influences. I’m not talking about keeping our children under our wings like a mother hen 24/7, but balanced approach to protection that allows children the opportunity to make decisions with the assistance of their parents, rather than the “opportunity” to try to understand why a decision was made. The release of The Golden Compass is a GREAT chance for you as a parent to exercise the decision making process with your kids in a area of life that they will be making literally thousands of decisions about in their lifetimes. Between music, television, internet and movies, our kids are faced with almost endless decisions to make about what to view or listen to.

There is so many different things available to us online that address the movie, the book it was based upon and the author who wrote it, that rather than personally write from “my own pen” about this dangerous movie, I will just include the helpful things I have found here in the iParent blog.

The first thing I want to highlight is the availability of a great resource put together by Christian author Anthony Harvath. This resource will be available at The Donelson Fellowship at all of our Welcome Centers free of charge and will be helpful to help you as a parent understand the basics of this controversial film.

The second thing I wish to include for you is the text of an email that has gone around the world, being forwarded to people again and again, much like those ridiculous emails that ask you to forward to at least 10 people with some incredible story about a 3 legged boy with a dream to collect postcards for kids who’ve been imprisoned for watching old reruns of Full House, or something like that. Since the email originally came to me in that format, I took it with a grain of salt until I checked it out for myself in a number of ways, including the very popular website,

This website debunks urban legends and scams so that people can be alerted to things that may be portrayed as true, when really they’re made up stories or legends designed to scare people or elicit some type of response. Here’s part of what’s available on about this movie:

If you do a search online for this movie right now, you will find tons of articles and opinion pieces, some for the movie and some against. We have to discipline ourselves with the media to be “wise as serpents” because they put their products in such enticing wrappers. This will certainly be the case with this movie. Please take the time to understand what author Philip Pullman is all about. He wrote the three books that begin with the The Golden Compass to attempt to “kill God in the minds of children”. He wants to influence your children to be free thinkers, to be reasonable and logical thinkers and this movie will plant seeds of doubt about our faith with children that will no doubt entice many to read the books to find out what happens next.

Don’t just sit by and let this happen to your kids or to kids you have influence over, educate yourself as much as possible and steer kids AWAY from the direction set by The Golden Compass.

As other stories come up that may be helpful regarding this movie, I’ll post them here to the iParent blog.

Finally, if you’d like to receive Anthony Harvath’s parenting resource about The Golden Compass, please visit

One thought on “The Golden Compass

  1. Thanks for putting this out there, Steve. A lot of blogs are writing about it.

    The books were featured on the cover of the Scholastics Book Reader order form my daughter brought home from school.

    Ironically, the order form was for ordering books for Christmas…


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