Adventureland Kids FunStuff Website Up!

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We parents have to be ever vigilant to protect our kids from the junk that circulates around the world over the internet, and every mom or dad has to be concerned with how easy it is to find junk on the world wide web. Remember that satan will always influence the powers of this world to package things in such a way as to suck in more and more people. While the internet is a great and entertaining tool for our families, we need to know there are fun things that our kids can do, in a safe web-environment where you can always trust the content.

Everyone gets funny videos and pictures in their email, or gets referred to a web site to view something that is hysterically funny and it’s natural to want to share those items. This FunStuff website will have a daily video or cartoon that has no other redeeming value besides the humor it provides for our kids. You can reach this new site by simply clicking the link in the blogroll/links section at the bottom or by simply typing in:

One word of advice for you: Instruct your kids that they shouldn’t just randomly type in web addresses that may be included on the videos and/or cartoons. I am unable and unwilling to vouch for the appropriateness of other websites that are the original host of the funny of the day.

When you receive those funny things in your inbox, please send them on to me at I love receiving them, and sharing them.


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