Verse of The Day….For Me Anyway, Maybe for You Too.

Colossians 1:16b–“Everything got started in Him and finds it’s purpose in Him.”
This is the verse from The Message, a cool, paraphrase of the Bible.  Here’s how it reads in the New Century Version:  “All things were made through Christ and for Christ.

The word “all” is pretty specific isn’t it.  When I was a boy and my dad asked me why I hadn’t given ALL of the offering he gave me to give, I knew exactly how much he meant.  My backside never forgot exactly what ALL meant ever again, that’s for sure.

All things were created by God, through His power and for His purpose.  I need to remember this today.  ALL means all.  So, no matter what hold or control I have on any part of my life, I have to remember that it’s ALL God’s.  When it’s good…it’s God’s.  When it’s great….God’s.  When it stinks and I can’t find my keys and my kids won’t obey…that’s God’s too.  He is always there, rejoicing with us in good times and loving us and protecting us through rough or stinky times.  I think some people feel when we go through rough times that God’s sitting in Heaven saying, “well, let’s just see what he’s made of.  How much can he take?”  No, when we hurt, God hurts, when we rejoice, God rejoices.  So we have to realize that no matter what life brings our way, we need to stay as consistent in our responses as possible.  The only thing we should overboard with is following God and obeying His commands for us.

All means All.


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