Giving Hope From The Heart

Sponsor a child online through Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry. Search for a child by age, gender, country, birthday, special needs and more.

About 5 years ago, our family sponsored a child through Compassion International, a Christian aid organization that operates around the world, helping 950,000 children in 24 countries. His name is Renzo, and he lives in Peru. Compassion was started by Everett Swanson in 1952 when they began providing Korean War orphans with food, shelter, an education and Christian training. This effort has bloomed into the huge organization that Compassion is today. They are a top notch organization, consistently earning high marks for financial accountability. In other words, when you give to Compassion you know that every dollar is being spent wisely and appropriately.

A year or so after we sponsored Renzo, I was at a conference and stopped by the Compassion table to flip through the packets of children, when I found a little girl from Tunisia named Husna, who shares the same birthday with one of our daughters. I simply couldn’t walk away from that little girl. Knowing what she must go through each day living in a harsh environment touched my heart. And even though she was thousands of miles away, her picture made it seem as if I could touch her, shake her hand and say hello. Needless to say, Husna went home with me in my heart to our family.

Being a Compassion sponsor has meant so much to our family. We write to our children occasionally, and they write to us, sending their art work, which we put on our refrigerator. It is always an exciting time to remember our other family we have through Compassion. The best memory I have will be the letter we received from Husna after Christmas one year. It was such a powerful moment in our girl’s lives. We had given a tiny bit extra so that she could have a Christmas gift and she wrote to thank us and to tell us what she had bought with our gift. It wasn’t toys and candy she bought, but rather socks for herself and her siblings, a small ham for her family to have for dinner on Christmas and some school supplies. It reminded us of two things; 1) we have so much and other have so little and 2) we can make a difference in someone’s life around the world, just by caring enough to give $1 a day. Being a sponsor has helped us instill positive teaching about possessions and money with our girls.

We are so blessed in this country, and children around the world need us to help them. Did you realize that over 3000 children under the age of 5 die every day from malnutrition? I can’t ignore that, and that’s why from this day forward I will have a link to Compassion International on this website! I want to challenge you to take this step in helping these children. The money you give will provide for food, medical care, educational service, and most importantly, consistent introductions to Jesus and spiritual training to help them know right from wrong.

You can give hope to a child around the world, when you give from the heart. When I used to see Sally Struthers on the tv late at night, I wasn’t moved, it was just another commercial, but when I began to realize the tragedy of children dying for silly reasons like hunger or a common infection, coupled with the knowledge of Compassion International, my brain didn’t just think of $32 a month as just another payment. Instead, my heart took over for my brain and all of a sudden $32 seemed like such an insignificant amount of money to give.

Be a hero and a champion for children. The ones in your home and around the world. Sponsor a child today! If I can help anyone with child sponsorship, please contact me!


2 thoughts on “Giving Hope From The Heart

  1. Fine blog! On my last blog today, I noticed that your blog, “Giving Hope From The Heart” popped up as a related post (at the bottom of mine). I think its so cool that that happens.

    Anyway, I stopped by to read your blog and I applaud your efforts for the Compassion ministry. I would be honored if you might add my blog, Jesus + Compassion to your blog roll so that we might keep in touch.

    Keep up the good work!


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