Easter Is Here! Jesus Is Alive!

Let me first apologize for my absence from posting anything lately.  It’s not that I believe I’m some incredible writer or gifted above what any other normal mom or dad is, but I have been blessed to work in the church, and as such, feel it’s a responsibility to try to encourage and challenge.  Can you believe it’s already Easter?  I love the celebrations of Easter; our church’s community Easter Egg Hunt and our special services on Easter Sunday!  Jesus is risen!   I think that besides Christmas, Easter is the simplest and most powerful teachable holiday of the entire year, and I hope that you will make the most of this opportunity to talk intentionally with your children at home about what Easter is all about.  All kids understand that Jesus was born and most even understand that He died on a cross and rose again, and because they DO understand on some level, we parents have to talk about it with them.   Every family is different and the make-up and ages of children in our families are different.  No matter what your family make-up is, slow things down a little this week and sit and talk with your kids about the Easter weekend.  Let them be excited about the Easter Egg Hunt and a new Easter basket, but turn the conversation to Jesus when you are able to get a word in.  Ask them if they understand what Jesus did for them, and allow them to talk about it their own terms.   Try to explain to them that Jesus died to take the punishment for our sins and rose again because He had won victory over those same sins.  Explain that because of His sacrifice, we can go to Heaven one day.  Parents, don’t miss this opportunity to give your home a different feeling this year at Easter.  It’s more than eggs, candy and new outfits.  It’s about Jesus, and if you focus your family on Him, you just might be surprised at how memorable this holiday can really be! 


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