Teaching Your Kids Some Basics About Racism

If you’ve been watching the news at all, you know that in the past week or so the presidential campaign of Barack Obama has come under intense scrutiny because of the church he has attended for the past 20 odd years.  The pastor of that church, Jeremiah Wright, has used his pulpit as a soapbox not for lifting up Jesus and teaching people what God’s Word says to them and how to apply it, but to make seriously crazy political statements.   This all has resulted in Obama giving a speech about race yesterday in Philadelphia.  Many of your kids may end up seeing this speech or being engaged in this issue when they return to school next week, so I wanted to briefly address the issue of how to talk to your kids about racism in this country, so that you can help them process these events by looking at them the way God wants us to look at them. Remember to break this down to the level you think your child can understand.  The older your kids are, the more honest and descriptive you may want to be.  1.  Tell them about the beginnings of our country.  Acknowledge that our early leaders, even though many were Christians, allowed slavery to continue, even though the Declaration of Independence should have included slaves as well.  Explain that arguments about slavery began to happen and it resulted in the Civil War2.  Talk to them about Abraham Lincoln and how he was our President when he officially “freed” the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation.  3.   Teach them that even though the slaves were freed, it was still many, many years before black people were seen as equal citizens.  Many white people treated them very poorly, as if they weren’t good enough to be treated the same as them.  4. Show them how God created us all, and explain that different people have different skin colors because of where their ancestors lived, not because they from another species of mammal!  Teach them that God made us all, and loves us all, and wants all people of all colors to be able to accept Him and go to Heaven one day.  Teach them to treat everyone with the same respect and honor.  Every person we come in contact with has been created in the image of God and kids need to know that and express that equality in every way they can think of.  So, if the topic of race comes up in your home, don’t be afraid to talk openly about it, and teach your kids what the truth is.   


One thought on “Teaching Your Kids Some Basics About Racism

  1. Mr. Steve: You are so good with the children. Th
    This is a great suggested and children do wonder why we are different. It’s just how God made us.

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