North Carolina People Just Look Different

I am not an anthropologist and therefore have no basis for saying so, but I believe I can pick out native North Carolinians from non-native North Carolinians.  I know, I’m craxy (that’s X-tremely crazy), my wonderful wife Katie has been quick to point out.  I’m writing this from the airport in Charlotte, NC and it occurred to me in a flash of sure-fire realization that they just look different.  I think it has something to do with their facial structure.  I can’t explain it, they just look different!  This is totally random, but it got me thinking!  Uh, oh!  Look out!  

Can people tell that I’m different because of Christ’s presence in my life?  Do I treat people with respect and kindness, serving them with the mind of Christ?  Most importantly, what do I model for my kids?  Do I scream and all but cuss out drivers in traffic in front of my kids?  Do I show great impatience with common everyday inconveniences.  

Thinking about this has made me realize that my kids are always catching my behavior and learning to do what I do, not what I say for them to do.  

I guess that means they’ll begin randomly declaring they can spot people groups from the general population…….  

They DO look different, just check it out!


One thought on “North Carolina People Just Look Different

  1. they definitely sound different. the words “water” sound like wooder and the word “no” sounds sorta like noi except more australian.

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