What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas?


I think that the marketing team for the Las Vegas Convention & Visitor’s Bureau have done an amazing job of creating a mindset in many of the people who visit their city that is summed up by the slogan, “What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas”.  Even though, we certainly know that our bad choices do tend to follow us, many people are depicted in their commercials embracing this slogan, which I think only encourages visitors to go ahead and engage in activities they normally would not otherwise engage.

I think this mindset of compartmentalizing our lives is very dangerous, especially for parents and their kids.   Sometimes we tend to separate school from home, home from church, work from home as if they’re totally disconnected from one another.  Too often, I think we see the effects of this thinking by how parents and their kids act differently at church than we do at school, home or work.  We kind of allow ourselves to “play church”.   I did this as a child and teen, and have to work constantly today to maintain a growing relationship with God.  I know some of you can relate to my experience, right?  We know all the answers to questions about the Bible, and we are assured of our relationship with Jesus, but too often, we take a Vegas-like attitude that comes out like, “what happens at church, stays at church”.   This leads to taking the things we’ve learned or been challenged with at church and put them in the closet of our mind, where it never impacts our actions and decision making.

How do we fix this?  Really, just making a mental decision to keeping your spiritual senses turned on is the first and best step.   Learning to do this may take some time, but it can be accomplished by doing more personal Bible reading and prayer time.  Consistency in our devotional lives will keep God and His plans for us in the forefront of our minds, helping us to remember the things we learn at church.  This same approach will work with your kids as well, and you may recall that God places the responsibility for helping kids grow in their faith on Godly moms and dads.

As parents, we must realize that to help our kids become spiritual champions, we must take that same journey toward becoming a spiritual champion in our own right, otherwise, we’ll never be able to lead our children to become what God intended. 


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