Election 2008-Give Your Children Some Facts!

We’re getting closer and closer to the next Presidential election. While we still don’t know for sure who the candidates will be, the amount of election stuff on television and the internet is only going to become more and more frequent. Chances are, many kids will see this election stuff and not understand what’s going on. As a parent we have a responsibility to train our kids and teach them the things that they need to know to develop into productive citizens.

So, I wanted to provide some quick and easy talking points for you to check out and then maybe use these as a way to help explain all this election stuff to your kids.
Election Facts
This is the word that the news people use to say who are the people that will be voted for. There are two main candidates. Most people will vote for one of these candidates
Vote Every U.S. citizen over age 18 gets one vote for president. A vote is when you choose someone to be the leader.
Party The two main candidates are part of either the Republican party or the Democratic party. Party doesn’t mean a fun time with cake and balloons in this case. The word party means a group of people who all believe the same things about the way the United States should be run.

These are obviously just some very basic items, but hopefully they’ll come in handy for explaining these sometime foggy concepts to your kids.


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