Election 2008-Helping Kids Understand the Candidates

We finally know for sure that the two main candidates for President of the USA will be John McCain and Barack Obama. We still don’t know who the vice-presidential candidates will be, but I wanted to give you some quick and easy facts about these two men. Help your kids understand that they will be seeing many commercials on television about these two candidates. They need to know that everything that comes on the tv is not necessarily true. Try and help them understand that the commercials exaggerate at times.

Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee and is from Illinois. He is a U.S. Senator and has been a Senator for part of one term of office, which is four years. Mr. Obama is the first African-American to ever win the nomination of a major political party for President of the United States. He is married and has two younger children.

John McCain is the Republican nominee and is from Arizona. Mr. McCain is also a U.S. Senator and has served for many years in the Senate. He is married and has children who are grown. The most famous thing about Mr. McCain is that he used to be a jet-fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. He was shot down and captured by the enemy and kept as a prisoner of war for several years, and was tortured during his captivity.

There is much more that could be written to describe these two candidates, my words are only meant to serve as a basic intro to the two. For more detailed info, check each candidates campaign or personal websites.


2 thoughts on “Election 2008-Helping Kids Understand the Candidates

  1. btw have you heard about young evangelicals leaning towards obama? strategists are saying that the Y generation is pretty unpredictable about who they’re going to vote for. Where our parents are pretty typically evangelical=republican, my generation isn’t necessarily the case. I’m loving that we’re looking at more than just one or two issues to decide our vote! your thoughts?

  2. my thoughts are that we need to support the candidate who most closely aligns himself with a Christian’s standard of truth, the Bible. That is why for an evangelical, the abortion issue can’t be dismissed or sidelined when picking a candidate. Do we really want to entrust our leadership to a man who says that he “trusts women and their families to make the wise decision about their pregnancies?” Why don’t we just remove the laws against Armed Robbery? Let’s just trust people to make wise decisions with their families when they need money. We simply cannot turn off the spiritual side and only look at things from a physical side. We have to look at the substantive issues and check to see where the candidates have fallen historically.

    There are other issues as well. You’ve mentioned genocide in your blog, and I what you think that abortion is, other than state sponsored, legallized genocide? Secondly, what genocide should cause our nation to intervene? If not for the unborn, then why hold the Nazis accountable for the Holocaust? What about the Turkish Kurds of northern Iraq? One of the primary justifications of the war in Iraq was to remove an evil dictator who severely mistreated his own people, and slaughtered no telling how many Kurdish citizens he didn’t feel deserved to live in Iraq. Everything about the war in Iraq hasn’t been stellar, far from it. But, the plan is working little by little.
    Another important issue is the security of our nation. While our troops have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, many terrorists have descended on these regions from other countries, to join the fight against the US. I feel too many people have forgotten the horror and outrage they felt of 9/11. Our next president needs to have a strong stance to continue the way against terrorists. It will make our country safer and make other countries safer.
    Is Obama making a play for evangelicals’ votes? Absolutely. The question is: how many evangelicals will run to him because he can speak so well and understands what people want to hear. All you have to do is watch clips of him on Youtube speaking to different types of groups to hear him contradict himself on a variety of issues. If young evangelicals are to consider themselves informed voters, they will look past the speeches. I’m not saying McCain is the greatest guy in the world, but I do personally believe he will protect this nation and try to protect it’s unborn better than Barack Obama.

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