Contamination Examination

I was hanging with a bunch of kids at the Faith In Action basketball camp in Paragon Mills Park, cooling off, drinking some water, when 7 year old Mikhail reached across 6 year old Angel to pick something up on the other side of Angel. As he stood back up, Angel, who had been sitting up holding his water bottle on his lap with the lid off, said to Mikhail, “Dude, you just put your arm pit on my bottle.” When Mikhail neglected to respond, Angel simply said, “seriously, you did.” He didn’t go bonkers, he just calmly reported what happened, but clearly was worried about germs.

Emily Walker each witnessed this event and immediately started laughing out loud to have seen this 6 year old boy try to communicate his displeasure with Mikhail without freaking out. It was just very comical. He undoubtedly was thinking of all the germs that could be living in Mikhail’s armpit and was concerned they were passed off to his water bottle now.

He probably could have just wiped it off and continued drinking it, but I don’t think he did, and I wouldn’t have either. That was pretty gross.

It is obvious Angel has a powerful radar for things that could contaminate him physically, but I wonder if anyone’s teaching him how to avoid things that could contaminate him mentally and spiritually. There’s a lesson in Angel’s water bottle story. Someone took the time to teach him, and no doubt you’ve taken the time to teach your kids about how to avoid things that will physically harm him, but are you also taking the time to teach them how to stay away from things that will harm their spiritual growth? These things may not be as readily noticeable to us as the dangers of drugs, germs and such, but we owe it to our precious children to perform due diligence in all areas of life.

I’m praying that you’ll do that for your kids today.


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