Caring for the Mind of Your Child

This blog is all about how to be the kind of parent God wants us to be. Not how I think they should handle themselves, but how I honestly believe our standard for living, the Bible, makes it crystal clear that no one other than a child’s mother and father has the final responsibility for helping train their kids. Other people and institutions assist us in this effort, but at the end of the day, parents must not deny their responsibility. To brush up on what God’s word has to say on the matter, go and check out Deuteronomy 6 again.

Some of you may be wondering why I’ve taken the time to write about the 2008 presidential elections, and I want to tell you why. I believe part of helping our kids to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength is in realizing that we can’t just instruct and train in one or two areas. No, if we’re going to do the job right, we need to help them in every area.

The mind is a fertile field for ideals and principles to be sown like a field of wheat, but is also easily corrupted by the weeds of music, movies, television and other cultural influences. Therefore we must be diligent to keep the field clear of these weeds that can ultimately take over the entire field if left unchecked.

How exactly do we help protect the minds of our children? Some things are easy, keep them away from stuff that everybody believes to be negative like pornography, but other things are not so easy. Their minds have weeds growing up each day and we have to use every opportunity to keep them from taking root and spreading.

We protect the minds of our children by protecting our mind first of all. We can’t allow garbage and weeds to litter our own field and hope to protect our children. Secondly, we continually compare the things we see and hear to the standard we should live by, God’s Word. If we know a certain television show, musical group or activity could bring shame or dishonor on God, we shouldn’t do that particular thing.

This consistent analysis of everything that comes into and out of our lives is what helps us learn how to “pull the weeds” from our minds. THAT is the reason for writing about Election 2008 issues. The election brings out many different debates about the candidates and the issues that we need to analyze for ourselves so we know how to help our kids understand as we do. Remember, we don’t analyze these things by checking our feelings about them, but by checking the standard of God’s Word. It doesn’t matter how you or I personally feel these issues.

We don’t always have to do all our own analysis though. That would be a difficult task. We can use different resources to help us accomplish this. Hopefully this blog for parents is one of those resources. Other resources we can trust are the analysis of other people or organizations. For example, Focus on the Family and Dr. James Dobson have proven themselves as a group which tries to help Christian parents in this way, and I believe they are trustworthy.

Here’s your assignment: check out the news story about Dr. Dobson being interviewed about Barack Obama on Fox’s Hannity & Colmes. Click on the link below:

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