Be Careful Where You Slide!

I will warn you up front: this story is a little gross. It is also true and FUNNY, so I must tell it. Last week I took the girls out to Target and we got a couple of items we needed plus spent $24 on a three lane, multicolored slip and slide. For the record, a tarp or landscape plastic from a home improvement store would have been a better value.

We came home and I rolled it out, staked it down and started the water. All three of the girls and I went down the slide. We were all sore from hitting the hard ground, but having fun, when I noticed some items that looked like small pellets of fertilizer or fish food about six inches from the end of the red slide we had been sliding on. I knelt down for a closer inspection to find that we had been all over a pile of rabbit or deer poop! Yuck! That was a pretty nasty revelation. Here’s a brief video of our reaction right after we found the nastiness…


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