D6 Conference

In September 2009, a new conference will be held in Dallas, TX. Many of you have seen me wearing my D6 t-shirts no doubt and I’ve talked a lot about what being a D6 mom or dad means. In case you’re just joining us, a D6 mom or dad are Christian parents committed to be the spiritual leader for their kids and D6 refers to Deuteronomy 6, the chapter in the Bible where we are reminded that we need to love God with all of heart, soul, mind and strength and to furthermore teach our children to do the same. We do this by not expecting the church to be the primary spiritual trainer for our kids, but rather an assistant to moms and dads in the job of training kids to be spiritual champions!

The D6 Conference is an event that is being planned to help churches and parents work more closely together and train leaders to make this connection in a more intentional way.  I will be attending!

To learn more about what it means to be a D6 parent, check out the other posts here on the iParent blog and go RIGHT NOW and check out the D6family website!

The Splinks section was conceptualized by Adventureland preschool ministry director, Katie Greenwood, and is a quick and easy resource to help you make the connection with your kids between LifeGroup and the real world they live in each day. Now, If you really want to be impressed, check out this video with a strikingly likeable cowboy and some of the cutest kids in the world.



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