Election 2008–The Political Parties

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Parents need to be aware of the realities of the world around them to help their kids grow up with a well rounded education.  This education is in many forms; spiritual, physical, emotion, social and intellectual.  Well, the elections of this fall are events of great reality for which we need to be prepare ourselves so we can teach our children.  We should want to make the best decision for our country, and we need to be able to explain to our children our actions and beliefs and the information that we used to help us make a decision.  

The time is drawing near for America to elect a new president.  For the past 8 years, George W. Bush has been serving as President of the United States, representing the Republican Party.  Before President Bush, William Jefferson Clinton served 8 years as President, representing the Democratic Party.  Our nation’s political landscape basically is dominate by these two parties.  

They don’t seem very fun to me, so I have never understood why they call them “parties”.  This year, each of the major presidential candidates come from these two parties.  Barack Obama from the Democratic Party and John McCain from the Republican Party.  

The Democratic Party is the party that one of our most famous and historical presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


Roosevelt was president during one of the most dangerous and difficult times in the history of country.  He became president during the Great Depression, a time when many, many people lost their jobs, homes and livelihood when our nation’s economy went wrong.  President Roosevelt helped bring the country out of the depression by policies like the New Deal, which basically formed tons of government agencies and committees who worked independently to help in different issues of the poor economy.  This program provided jobs for thousands of people.  Roosevelt was also president during World War II and used his skill with people and as a leader to help develop our military into the strongest force in the world.  President Roosevelt was also the only president to serve more than two terms of office.  

Using Roosevelt as an example, the Democratic Party wants to assist our country by providing a government for our nation that is set up with many government controlled offices to ensure people are cared for.  One of the biggest complaints about the Democratic Party is that when government is so big, there is more money wasted and resources used, and spent on some people who could help themselves if they had to do so.  

Probably the most famous president from the Republican Party is none other than

Abraham Lincoln.        

Abraham Lincoln was the president that guided our nation during the awful war among American citizens called the Civil War.  He is also famous for the Gettysburg Address and the Emancipation Proclamation, in which he made it illegal for people to own slaves in the United States.  Lincoln and other Republican presidents after him all want to help people just like the Democratic Party, but want to achieve this goal by using very different methods.  A fundamental part of the belief system of a Republican president is a belief that people can and will help themselves, if only the government will just leave them alone, or be as small of a drain on them as is possible.  

A big complaint about the Republican Party is that they only care about business and not the individuals who need help.  The Republicans believe in the power of private organizations and smaller government, so that less waste occurs.  

Both parties have some good and bad members, and often candidates from both parties will say ANYTHING to get elected, so it’s more important than ever for us to look closely at the candidates and the issues.  We must be prepared to check into how the candidates match up in their voting histories and what they say they are going to do with their power if elected.


2 thoughts on “Election 2008–The Political Parties

  1. You’re welcome! I just want to try to help parents cut through the fog of all the media puts out there and try to give a different perspective on things. I hope this will help parents take things like elections and candidates more seriously so they can teach their children.

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