Does Your Family Need a Bailout Plan?

All the world is in an uproar today as people debate whether our economy is going to fail or not.  In Washington, a bunch of men and women who got us into this mess are having meetings to help figure out how to get us out of the problem we’re facing without losing votes from their respective congressional districts or states.  Everyone is clamoring for some type of plan to get us out of this mess of a financial nature.  

Everyone is so wrapped up in the financial world right now, but I want to turn your attention to your family. How is your family doing?  Are transitions from baby to preschooler, or elementary to teenager more difficult that you thought they’d be?  Are you frustrated by your realization that you need to adjust your family’s priorities to promote spiritual growth, but seem to lack the ability to make those changes?

If so, you and your family need a Bailout plan!  Actually, when things get confusing or frustrating, we have to slow everything down a bit and focus first on the foundation of our lives as Christians.  We have to stop personally and get ourselves 100% locked in to a daily time with God.  I know this isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve never done so before.  However, spending even 10 minutes a day reading from God’s Word and praying a brief prayer for guidance can do wonders for the way we spend our day.  There’s is something transformational about spending time to focus only on God that the Bible calls “the renewing of our minds”  (Romans 12:1-2).  Before we can bail our family out, we have to allow God to bail us out personally.  We simply can’t lead where we haven’t been ourselves.

With this accomplished, and our focus on life is viewed through a lens that has the “God-filter” in place, we will readily see through all the noise and confusion of life and be able to focus on leading our families correctly, despite all the busyness of life in America these days.  

Finally, realize that the economic problems our nation is facing today did not spring up overnight, but over the course of several years.  Even though analysts were out there, trying to alert our leaders to the problems that were growing, the leaders in Congress chose to ignore those warnings and allow the questionable financial practices continue.  

As a parent, you won’t wake up one day and find that overnight your kids have become disrespectful, hateful, lazy and irreverent.  It will happen over the steady march of time; one teachable moment at a time. So, take the time today to consider how your family is really doing, and don’t forget to be painfully honest about it.  The bailout begins at home!


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