High School Musical 3–Updated!










Well, we did go to see the movie and it was well done I would say.  For me, a father of three girls, it was a little bit like torture to watch because it is so CHEESY.  If Velveeta was a product produced by movies, HSM 3 would have produced a year’s supply.  Seriously….cheesy.  There were some good moments in it, but not good enough to mention here and maybe ruin the viewing for some one else. 

Okay, the children’s pastor in me watched this movie with a different eye than the dad did.  I was watching for messages or mindsets that the movie presented, so that I can point them out to you and help keep you informed.  I want to try to equip with everything I can as a parent.   

My overall impression of this movie is that first of all, it was NOT a kid’s movie.  The movie revolves around the senior year of the cast, and there are many references to graduation and a lot of the plot is about the future plans for college for the students.  For some reason, HSM was easy to see as a kid’s movie when they were portraying 10th graders, but now they just seemed older.  There was also a bigger emphasis than I remember from the previous two editions on the physical attributes of the characters, particularly Troy and Sharpay.  There were several shots that I felt like were done specifically to cause a “he’s hot or she’s hot” reaction in people.  

There was one scene when Troy snuck into Gabriella’s bedroom after dark.  We don’t see him asking permission of her mom to climb the tree and go into her bedroom, so I am assuming he didn’t ask.  This scene didn’t show anything physically inappropriate, but it gave off an attitude of “hey, this behavior is not a problem” that I found disturbing.  Considering the ages of the students and children who will view this film, it concerned me some.  As a dad of three daughters, I definitely would never allow that kind of activity to take place and I hope you wouldn’t either.  Two teenagers, in love, in a bedroom, without supervision in many cases will equal a level of intimacy that we need to teach our kids is unacceptable for them before marriage.  Call me old-fashioned, but that’s what I feel God’s Word teaches us.  

All in all, it was entertaining and I didn’t slip into a coma during the viewing.  If and when you go in to watch the movie, just be prepared to discuss some of these more mature situations with your kids.


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