iParent-November 21

Today, Thursday, November 20th is the birthday of a very important person. This lady wasn’t some super famous national figure, responsible for new policies that helped the poor and helpless, or some world renowned opera singer, capable of breaking a glass with her high C (that’s a note, not a juice can), or a top quality athlete competing in the Olympics for great glory.

The lady I speak of is like so many of you out there trying to parent their kids the best they know how. She may not have done every single thing right, but she worked to make sure that her kids were taken to church and that we were involved in many different church activities. She involved herself in church activities too, being active in the women’s group and teaching preschoolers about Jesus. She set an example for her kids to find time for God each day by reading her Bible at the kitchen table with the morning sun streaming in through yellow curtains.

That lady is Ida Mae Greenwood, my mom. She is a champion for God for the ways she and my dad raised me and my sisters to love God. When I was young I didn’t understand the “urgency” my mom used at times. I can’t tell you how many times I was “urged” with my mom’s right hand to do the right thing. Now, I understand that she knew she only had one chance to teach us and that we were growing up too fast. She understood the importance of correcting bad behavior and encouraging and modeling good behavior. My mom raised a wild and crazy guy to love God and to love people (especially kids).

No matter what age your kids are today, one day they’ll be remembering you as a parent one day. Will they think, “my mom or dad was my best friend?” They might, but our goal as parents can’t be to be their best friend. That doesn’t give you a leg to discipline from. My mom was my friend, but she was my parent first, and understood that parents had to train their kids to do right.

In the end, hopefully, your kids will remember you as a great parent that helped them become the follower of God and champion for Him that they were designed to be. Don’t give up trying to do the right things. They will eventually take root in the lives of your children.

It worked for my mom and I know it will work for you!

Happy Birthday mom!


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