iParent-January 15: Smart Parents Use Splinks!

If you haven’t been to sign up for Splinks yet, please go to the D6 Family website. This great little tool is a free and comes through email that offers you several different ready made ideas for how to connect with your kids about the Lord and His Word each week.

Many kids experience a disconnect between church and home that isn’t evident while they are kids, but shows up big time when they hit the teenage and young adult years. The disconnect comes from knowing the stories in the Bible from beginning to end, but not understanding how they apply to everyday life. We live in an age where kids go through cellphones and game systems like I went through Captain Crunch as a boy. If something isn’t useful or meaningful to them, they disregard it. We have to work to connect God’s Word to the real world, and there’s easier way to do this than by using Splinks from D6 Family. Seriously, go sign up today!



2 thoughts on “iParent-January 15: Smart Parents Use Splinks!

    • It’s a great tool for parents that comes straight to your computer via email, or by checking the d6family website. The Splinks each week are questions, activities and such that are specifically designed to jumpstart a teachable moment with your kids. The D6 curriculum is trying to generate more at home spiritual training, as Deuteronomy 6 instructs us to do. Splinks is a tool that connects the curriculum to everyday life that is from the same company. Sometimes I get so passionate about this topic and this tool, that I don’t do an adequate job explaining it. By the way, I had intended to make one of your sessions last week at CPC, but never did make it by. Thanks for sharing your heart and ministry with other children’s pastors and leaders.

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