About iParent

This blog is designed to help parents be what they need to be for their kids! What’s that you ask? Parents need to be spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual leaders! God has given every parent the most important job we could ever do in allowing us to have children. It doesn’t matter one bit how important, successful or connected you are in life, you’re FIRST priority should be to train, protect and lead your children. They are the most precious resource in the world, and the most overlooked and mistreated resource at that. If kids and their upbringing got the attention of the stupid rain forests or animals, this world would be a different, far better place.

iParent is a place to come for encouragament and straight forward advice on all levels of life, but flows out of the spiritual side of life. Our relationship with God affects every other area of our existence and therefore is the area that is central to a child’s developement. Put God first in your life today and every day!


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