Watch This Video!

This video is from WestJet Airlines a regional airline serving North America.  I promise you’ll love it! It’s a great story of how they decided to be Santa to a whole bunch of customers who were flying from one part of Canada to another.  As soon as I watched this, after I stopped crying Christmas joy tears that is, was to realize how this video could be a great tool for parents to use with the their kids to have a conversation about God!

I urge you to watch it with your kids, and talk about the coming Christmas holiday.  This could give you another sly chance to hear about what your kids want for Christmas, but the real beauty can happen when you intentionally turn the conversation to the amazing gift God has given to us in Christ Jesus.  Ask them: Did those people do anything to make them deserve those gifts? They may answer yes, they bought a ticket, or they may answer no, they just walked up to the box.  Teach them that there was nothing we did to deserve our gift either.  Romans 5:8 is a great verse to use here: For God demonstrates His love for us, in while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Help your kids believe in the power of the gift of God for their life.  Use this as an intentional way to teach the true meaning of Christmas.  God bless you all!  Merry Christmas!