Our life is so very busy right now. Work at TDF with our kids, families and our great team of volunteers is going great but keeps me absolutely hopping each day of the week. Add in the fact that we’re in the selling phase of home ownership and trying to help with the construction of our new home at the same time and you’ve got a recipe for some serious stress and fatigue.

Despite the crazy life we’re living right now, our girls continue to amaze me with their resilience and attitude. They’re constantly encouraging me and helping out around the house. We’ve been a real team! Well, tonight me, Ally and our 6 year old daughter Andie were sitting together in church and we took communion together. We always talk about what we’re doing with the elements of communion and what they represent. Our daughters have all accepted Christ and have a good understanding of their young faiths.


That doesn’t mean there aren’t some misunderstandings along the way, however. Tonight, after praying together that God would give us more opportunities to tell friends about Jesus, the three of us picked up a cup of juice and went back to our seats. We sat down together in a very worshipful and quiet way, which is saying something if you know our girls. We pulled in close together and I looked at the girls to let them know it was okay to drink their juice. As I prepared to drink, Andie leaned in closer and said with a smile in a very worshipful whisper, “cheers!”

Andie had no idea what she did was funny and I had to smile and laugh a little at her attitude. On one hand, her cheerful spirit has lifted me many times. On the other hand, I wondered if she felt celebratory about what Christ has done for us, and couldn’t think of anything better than express her mood with that little word. Either way, it was awesome!

On special occasions like Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and birthday dinners Katie will put out little glasses of grape juice for us to “toast” the person whose day we’re celebrating or our family in general.

So, tonight during Communion at TDF, we toasted Jesus and His sacrifice. Here’s wishing you a great day!


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